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Your baby cannot process alcohol as well as you can and too much alcohol can seriously affect your baby's development.If you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, you should try to avoid alcohol completely for the first three months of your pregnancy because there may be an increased risk of miscarriage.Cannabis and other illegal drugs, such as ecstasy, cocaine and heroin, can harm your baby.If you use any of these drugs then you should talk to your midwife or GP to get advice to help you stop.For a rough idea, you can use the pregnancy due date calculator to work out when your baby is due.Antenatal appointments are check-ups to assess the health of you and your baby.Antenatal care is the care and help you receive from health professionals during the course of your pregnancy.It is important you take good care of your own health and that of your unborn baby during pregnancy and making the most of the antenatal care available to you is a big part of that.


These risks will be reduced if you stop smoking during your pregnancy.

Make sure you try to rest in your lunch break and when you get home in the evening.


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